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Session Timing Price
Full Day 8am - 6pm £55.00   (£50 Bishopthorpe only)
Half Day 8am - 1pm or
1pm - 6pm
£32.50   (£30 Bishopthorpe only)
Early Start 7.30am - 8am


*N/A at Tadcaster Road due to Traffic Management Scheme

Late Collection 6pm - 6.30pm £3.00
Late Payment Fees   £25 a week
Late Collection Charge   £10 upto 15 minutes
Additional £10 from 16-30 Minutes

Our fees are calculated to give you a fixed monthly sum to pay at the start of each month. As the nursery is open for 51 weeks of the year (we are closed for one week at Christmas), your weekly fees are simply multiplied by 51 weeks and then divided by 12 months to give you a fixed sum payable by Direct Debit. 

We gladly accept childcare vouchers or payments through the new Tax Free Childcare scheme, however ask that these payments have cleared into your LGR account before we calculate our direct debits. Please ask our Finance Team for more details.

We are committed to providing Early Years Funding to 2*, 3 and 4-years-olds as supported by the Government. 

*2 year old funding is available for those with an annual household income less than £16,190 or you are in receipt of an eligible benefit, please see the attached link

All children qualify for the 3 & 4 year old funding the term after their third birthday (the terms are three times a year – Spring, Summer and Autumn). Early Years Funding provides up to 30 hours childcare for 38 weeks a year. To find out if you are eligible/qualify for the full 30 hours of funding, please see the attached link

PLEASE NOTE however, thall ALL children can access 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year.

As the funding covers the care and education only of the child, additional charges are applied to these sessions to cover meals and activities. For more information on Government Funding and how it works at Little Green Rascals, please contact Julie on 01904 566718.

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