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Below are a few different articles that we have found to inform you about organic living and how you can change your lifestyle to take on our Ethos home.

20 Eco-Friendly Ways To Clean Your Home

What Organic Can Do For Your Health

Spring is the perfect time to get the kids out in the garden. They love the whole process of sowing seed, watching the first shoots appear, tending the plants, picking and even eating their produce. Here are some ideas of little projects you can do together. 

  • Use one of your egg shells, fill it with damp compost and sprinkle some grass seeds, or cress seeds in it. Decorate the egg shell with a face, pop it in an egg cup and watch it grow hair. 
  • Have a sunflower competition. Who can grow the tallest? The biggest? the one with the most flowers on one stem?
  • Sow a few pumpkin seeds ready for Halloween
  • Grow some herbs from seed - coriander, basil, parsley, dill, fennel and borage are all easy to grow. Find out how to use them in cooking and medicine.
  • 'Just bee friendly' - sow seeds and plant 'plugs' of bee and butterfly friendly plants. See how many varieties of bees, butterflies and ladybirds you can attract. Study them: What are they doing? Flying, resting, feeding, drinking, cleaning their antennae, looking for a nest, or collecting nectar? Which flowers do they prefer? Which colours? Which shapes?
  • Geranium challenge - plant geranium 'plugs' and grow them on, taking care to water, dead head and pick off dead leaves. Who can grow the healthiest plant with the most flowers?

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