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Throughout the year, here at Little Green Rascals,  we hold a whole host of social events, enabling our parents to come together, bond and generally have a wonderful time!

At the start of the year an events calendar is sent out to our parents which details the events we will be holding throughout the course of the year.  The aim of these events is for you to be involved in your Rascal's nursery life, for you to get to know our staff and most importantly for you to feel part of the Little Green Rascals family.

Below is a brief overview of the annual events we host:

Parents Forum

We hold Parent Forums twice a year where our parents can have active involvement in changes and decisions regarding the nursery, including policy changes, changes to meal plans and possible areas of concern. It also helps build on our relationship with parents, their voice and opinions are extremely important to us in ensuring the safe care of their children whilst at Little Green Rascals.

Grandparents Afternoon

On this afternoon, we open our doors to the grandparents of all of our Rascals. Granny's and Grandpa's are welcome to come and see what life is like at nursery for their little ones, we have activities to share, a scrummy tea and lots more besides – but be warned grandparents – it can get messy!

Parent Day

On Parent Day, we provide the opportunity for all parents to have a 30 minute consultation with their child's key-person, to look through Learning Journey's and to come away with a great deal of knowledge regarding the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) and how this impacts on the learning of the child. All the while, your child is under the care and supervision of the nursery staff, having their faces painted and playing on our bouncy castle! We encourage parents to be involved in their children's learning and this is a great way to understand how we observe and assess the development of each child. We offer Parent Observation Sheets for you to complete and contribute to your child's learning journey that goes home with them upon finishing nursery life.

Camping Night

Our camping night is the highlight of the events calendar and grows more popular by the year. We are given exclusive access to York Maze, where we pitch our tents and set up our Little Green Rascals community. We have also held camping events at The Snowball Plantation, close to Stockton on the Forest too! The evening activities include an introduction to Forest School, a garden treasure hunt, a craft activity and for your tea - a delicious chilli!  Not much sleep occurs but a truly wonderful night is had by all and breakfast is provided the following morning before you leave!

Forest School Day

Our Forest School Open Day is the perfect opportunity to showcase all we have to offer your Rascal during their time at the forest. It is also useful for you to understand why Little Green Rascals is such an advocate of the Forest School ethos. Shuttle buses run from nursery to the forest* (*depending on the location - please check details before the event), where you will make your way to base camp for a campfire lunch, before exploring the woods and the activities laid on. 

Christmas Nativity

At such a magical time of year our Rascals invite their parents and carers to a magical winter wonderland - which is created either onsite or perhaps in the Barn at York Maze or our local church depending on the nursery location. With mulled fruit juice and mince pies on arrival - its all adds to the heart warming atmosphere. We have a performance of the Christmas story from our pre-schoolers and if this doesn’t get you into the Christmas spirit nothing will!

These are just a few of the events we host at Little Green Rascals – throughout the year we also an EYFS information day, coffee mornings and even Father Christmas himself pops by to see our Rascals. We hope to see you at an event soon!

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