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Research has shown that Early Years is the best time to learn as young children are more relaxed and better at imitating sounds and pronunciation.

Children repeat sounds and, when rewarded by attention from an adult, this stimulates them to continue or increase vocalisation. When a child learns a second language, the same principle applies. The more they enjoy learning a language when they are young, the more likely they are going to find it a positive experience when they are older.

Language learning also develops a child’s ability to listen attentively. Performance also builds self-confidence in a child’s aptitude to express themselves. However, we do encourage parents to get involved as it is very important to remember that if a child is to embrace languages, the language experience should be an enjoyable part of their life and in turn will become a skill for life.


My name is Jane and I have been teaching French to the little rascals since July 2016. Each session lasts between 20-25 minutes in length. We have a welcome and goodbye song which our French bear, Georges is included in. Each session is tailored to the group of rascals I am working with, whether it is children in preschool, or Dancing Dragonflies. The sessions are linked to the Early Years Outcome and I try to include: crafts, songs, games and books wherever possible. Books we have used so far include, The Hungry Caterpillar (La Chenille qui fait des trous), Elmer's colours (Les couleurs d'Elmer), Un lion Jaune, Le navet Enorme....

I also use special days and celebrations as part of the lessons and the Rascals enjoyed a lot of christmas crafts recently and singing 'Jingle Bells' in French. The Rascals are making great progress in French and bring such enthusiasm to each week. The songs stay in their minds...

I am a Primary school Teacher in York and did my degree in French and spent a year there teaching in primary schools.




Lingotot's weekly Spanish sessions are an interactive and fun way to introduce your little ones to a foreign language. We play games, sing songs and read stories!

The price is £3.50 includes a colour booklet with vocabulary lists to continue at home should you wish.

The children are welcome to try a session before signing up for the term.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. For more detail The booking link will also be here.

I look forward to having lots of fun with your children!

Email: / 07840 958278



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