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Outdoor space and good old-fashioned fresh air is key to a day in the life of a rascal. Whether our setting is based in open farmland, a small village or the city centre, we ensure that we have access to the outside at all times.

Outdoor play means that our rascals can enjoy the natural environment - which in turn means some form of exercise. The freedom to run, jump, hide and seek in the fresh air inevitably leads to a healthier lifestyle. There are some children who respond much better to active movement and learn more as a result.

Allowing our rascals the freedom to learn and explore the great outdoors gives them a better understanding and respect for nature and the environment. Kitchen gardens for example, not only allow the children to harvest and eat what they have nurtured but also helps the children to understand the lifecycles of plants and the animals and insects they host.

All of our settings offer different opportunities for outdoor activities where you will find mud kitchens, balance beams, bikes and scooters, play houses, chalk boards and even a pirate ship! Our Rascals love nothing better than getting their hands (very!) dirty helping out with some gardening or collecting eggs from our chickens. Animals are very much part of the family at all of our settings and they also get to enjoy the benefits of our outside spaces too!

It has been proven that outdoor play encourages learning, creativity, health, social skills, well-being and independence.  For a very interesting article on the benefits of outdoor play (risk vs danger) - click here

For your child’s safety, our outdoor space is checked daily by a member of the team before the children enter – using detailed checklist devised by our Health & Safety Manager and is also checked annually by ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

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