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At Little Green Rascals, not only do we educate and care for the children in the traditional sense but we try to ensure that we are also caring for the children and their environment in a broader and more ethical way.

We are conscious that every purchase made and every product we receive, will have some impact on the world we live in - whether it is immediate or long term. Therefore, we try to ensure that all of the necessities we require to make our business work has the least impact on the environment possible. A few examples of the way we care for the environment is by using:

  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Nappies are incinerated & the energy recycled 
  • Recycled and FSC materials for our stationary 
  • Ecological cleaning products
  • Organic Food
  • Natural and homeopathic treatments for ailments and skincare
  • Recycling our waste (including food scraps to our animals)

At Little Green Rascals we also try to use local suppliers and tradesmen to encourage green miles, we actively encourage our staff and children to use our recyclable waste for craft products and we regularly look to purchase second hand goods and toys and upcycle them for our use. We believe that if we can engage the children at a young age to be conscious about the world we live in and the impact we make on it – that we will help to nurture a future generation who will continue to care for our planet.

Little Green Rascals is not a gimmick – it’s a belief and not only is there a strong focus on the word ‘Organic’ in our name but also on the word ‘Green’ – caring for both children and the environment is at the heart of what we do.

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