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Using the Catherine Walker Trust’s nutritional guidelines for under fives, we ensure our menus meet the children’s dietary needs. We employ a qualified diet and nutrition adviser to oversee our menus.

Our food is primarily organic, so you can be assured that all the products we use have minimal chemicals, pesticides, artificial additives, hydrogenated fats and genetically modified foods.

All our food is freshly prepared daily in our own kitchen. To retain vital nutrients we steam, bake or braise our food, we have no deep fried items on our menu. We do not use any processed foods and we even bake our own bread, cakes and biscuits.

We believe that keeping the children hydrated is of prime importance to their development and concentration. Water is available in the rooms for the older children to self-serve throughout the day and the younger children are given water at all snack and meal times, and more often during the summer.

To ensure the children get the governments recommended fruit and vegetable daily quota, we serve a variety of fruit and vegetables at snack times including oranges, celery and cucumber. The older children help to prepare the snack then make their choice from the snack bar.

For the children in our pre-school room, we promote healthy eating by involving them in the planting and collection of fresh vegetables from our own gardens. They take active involvement in the cooking, both at the forest and in our regular cafes on the terrace. Older children are given the ability to choose their own snacks and are encouraged to serve their own meals from the dinner tables, both inspiring children to develop likes and dislikes and personal preferences all the while being conscious of the needs of their peers.

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