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Wiggly Worms

Adult to Child Ratio 1:3

Where our youngest babies spend their days learning and exploring with sensory activities. Developing good relationships is important at this age range and our awesome staff are there to help you and your baby settle with us.

Dancing Dragonflies

Adult to Child Ratio 1:3

Supported by staff, the children are encouraged to develop independence and curiosity. The children can climb the indoor climbing frame or play in home corners, as well as play with puzzles to stretch their mathematical abilities.

Cheeky Hens

Adult to Child Ratio 1:4

Here the children are encouraged to further their speech, language and understanding skills. Creativity and imaginative skills are encouraged with daily messy play activities and focussed topics help to uncover a knowledge and understanding of the world around the children. 

Little Green Rascals

Adult to Child Ratio 1:6

Our children aged 3+ spend their days supported by an Early Years Teacher, they are encouraged to develop into independent learners who are keen and ready for school, come the following September! Free-flow access at this age means we can spend all day long in our gardens!


At little Green Rascals children progress from our ‘Wiggly Worms’ room - where we enjoy watching our baby Rascals progress from bottom shuffling and crawling to eventually becoming super confident walkers - to ultimately being our ‘Big Rascals’ in the ‘Little Green Rascal’ room where they spend their pre-school year preparing for their big adventure to school.

The transition procedure from room to room is very similar to our settling-in process and we ensure parents are involved in all stages of transition, including accompanying your Rascal on their settling in visits should you wish to do so and we will strive to ensure all your queries and questions are answered. Your Rascals’ key person will talk you through the transition process as the time approaches for your Rascals’ move through to their next room. You will receive a detailed Welcome pack from the new room and be introduced to all the staff. Transition can be an exciting but daunting time for your little one but with the support of all, we can ensure it is a smooth and easy process.

We work in close partnership with the primary schools our Rascals move to, ensuring our Rascals transition to their reception year is as smooth and stress free as possible. We provide schools with detailed information relating to your child’s individual needs and ability. We invite the teachers to visit little Green Rascals providing them with the opportunity to speak directly to your child’s key person and to see your child in an environment where they feel happy and relaxed. To prepare our children for the school adventure, we have our very own Early Years Teacher, Tim Hodge, who works in conjunction with your Rascals key person to develop each individual child’s abilities, giving them the best possible start to their school life.

We all face transitions throughout our lives, whether this is moving house, changing jobs or starting at college or university. Enabling children to develop the skills to cope in these situations is an important role in all early years’ settings. Helping our Rascals to grow their resilience skills to enable them to cope with change and other challenges in life that they encounter is an essential part of our role here at little Green Rascals and we strive to give them the resilience and skills required to cope throughout their lives.


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